Breaker Panel Upgrades

As your home ages, the possibility of electrical accidents can increase and to prevent that, upgrading your electrical panel could be what prevents those accidents. There are several circuits connected by way of the board connected to a circuit breaker. That is how the power is distributed throughout a structure.

When is an Upgrade to an Electrical Panel Needed?

The power supply is turned off by a service panel automatically when it senses any danger of overheating or overloading. Basically, when there is any interruption to the power, the breakers trip. This prevents any possibility of overheating risks or fire. However, like anything, breakers can be sensitive to several factors. Thus, this is why you should consider getting an upgrade to your electrical panel.

Wiring Becomes Defective

Each year, there is a high percentage of fires in homes from defective wires. Many times, they are in older structures that do not meet standard codes. If you are noticing lights flickering or experiencing a shock when flipping switches or plugging things in, it may be time to have a professional electrician look at upgrading your panel.

Breakers Versus Fuses

Homes built before 1960 often have fuses instead of breakers. With the modern conveniences of today, they aren’t as strong as today’s breakers. Thus, they are a fire risk and the sooner you can get your panel upgraded the better.

New Appliances or Remodeling

New appliances can increase the amount of power needed, and when you remodel, the same applies. The amp capacity required can cause a need to have your breaker panel upgraded. Also, using extension cords or power strips is not the safest solution. Using these for an electrical solution is inadequate and can increase fire hazard risks.