Want to Reduce Your Electric Bill?  Follow These Three Tips


It is summer time around these parts, and we’re all seeing those power bills creeping up and up each month. We have three steps you can take now that will help cut that bill back, even if the supplier in your area keeps raising their prices. By applying these three easy-to-do steps, you will develop habits that will reduce your electric bill and help the environment, too.

Determine Your Intentional Power Use As an alternative of thinking about what appliance, device, or switch is “on," begin being intentional about the power you use. For example, when you leave a room and know that you aren’t going back in there soon, turn off any appliance, device, or switch that you can.   Even if you turn off the appliances, devices, and lights that aren’t required for only a few minutes, you are saving power, and that is saving you money. This includes any electrical things like fans, heaters, lights, televisions, etc.

Make Smart Purchases By replacing the incandescent bulbs in your home with CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent light), you will save a significant amount of money over a year. While CFL bulbs are more expensive to buy, they will save you money quickly.  Look for the energy star on the packaging.

Be Smart in How you use Your Home Appliances Not anything you don’t already know, but home appliances affect your power usage. However, did you know how you use them could save you money? Such as making sure every load you wash is a full load and that you wash in cold water as much as possible.   Keep your AC and heat so that you are comfortable can help save your usage of power significantly. When you aren’t at your computer, turn off the monitor or put your laptop to sleep. This will save power which will save you money, and it will also save your computer should there be a power surge.