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Three Tips That Will Help you Select the Right Electrician

There are small electrical things around the house you can do yourself – like changing a light bulb. And then there are those bigger jobs where you need to hire a professional electrician – like rewiring the house or add new wiring. But you don’t want to just simply choose the first one you find in the yellow pages or in a Google Search.

First, you want to interview a few different electricians and collect a bid from each one. Then you’ll want to go through that list and use the three tips we have to offer that can help you select the right electrician:  

Insurance and License

With each electrician you interview, this should be the first thing you ask them about. Are they insured and are they licensed? Laws vary from state to state, but most do require certain contractors, like electricians to be insured and licensed. This is often achieved by attending classes by the state, and they receive their license upon completion. An electrician, like any type of business, should be insured for their own protection, as well as their customers.  

Recent References

Any contractor should have recent references to offer potential customers, including electricians. This will give you an idea how long they have been in business and practicing this trade. Once they give you a list of references, take the time to contact them and ask about the work that was done.  Did the electrician do a thorough job? Was it completed on budget and on time? Were they timely and arrived when they said they would? Were there any issues that caused concern? Would you hire them again?


Competitive Pricing

The same method for bidding is used by most electricians; it is industry standard. But you want to get several different bids so that you can compare pricing and job specifications. Don’t be afraid to use the cheapest bid to get the company you prefer to come down on their bid. But remember, you may get what you pay for if you go with the cheapest simply because they are the cheapest.